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Who Loves To Be In Pain

Today people have gone to the extreme in order to feel better.  Someone is always trying to come up with a new pill to relieve pain, stress and other illnesses.  I know nobody who wants to hurt.  According to NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork) today, 39 million American adults- more than one out of every six- get at least one massage each year.
Massage Therapy has been proven effective in:
Relieving back pain
Boosting immune system
Reducing anxiety
Lowering blood pressure
Treating migraines
Decreasing carpal tunnel symptoms
Easing post-operative pain
Alleviating side effects of cancer
If I have a choice, I will go Green & Clean (clean from all man made products)
If you have been thinking about a career change.  Now is the time for it, the field is still wide open for Massage Therapist, because people are finding out the benefits of massage.
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