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Priceless - Funniest Visit Ever

Years ago, our daughter received an injury at cheerleading practice.  She was taken to the emergency room immediately.  While I sat there, Renee was talking to the Doctor about what could be the problem.  The Doctor had such an arrogants about him that it was terrible.  He kelp talking to us like we were so stupid about even the simplest things.  We both let him rattle on and on.  As you know most of the time at the emergency room you have your worst cloths on.  So he said, I think she tore this muscle, showing on the shoulder area.  Renee had had enough of his sarcasm.  She said,  this muscle attaches to that area.  She started calling out all the muscles and their attachments in the area.  The Doctors face was PRICELESS!!  his eyes bulged out, and his jaw hit the floor!! I had to get out of the room, laughing so hard.  You could tell he had forgotten most of this.  It was so funny...Believe it or not, he was very polite after that.  
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