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Day Class Starts February 20, 2012

      Now is the time to start getting ready for February 20, 2012 classes.  Those who pay tuition in full one month before class starts will recieve a Massage Table.  Our tuition cost is $6800.00 which covers all text books, school shirt, and creams and oils that will be used during class time.  You can sign up now and start paying on your tuition before class starts.  This will help those who are on a tight budget.  This class maybe full before February gets here, so call today and reserve your space!   

CEU Class Starting Soon!

Native Hot Stone & Ethics class to begin August 12-14, 2011.  This 3 day class will give you 21 hours of Continuing Education needed for Massage Therapist.   The Class cost is $365.00.  If paid before class date its only $300.00.  So if your needing CEU hours this will be a good time to get it. 

Learning The Bones Today!

2nd day of school.  Now I wished I had paid attention in school!  Trying to name some of these is tuff!  Words like obturator foramen, anterior superior iliac spine, just to name a few, but it was fun with the class and the instructor. The body is wonderfully made.   

First Day of School

Wow! I never thought we would be learning massage on the first day of school.  Started learning the 5 different massage strokes.  We all were massaging today learning the Effleurage stroke.  Of course started out learning to drape the client. Yea, a little nervous, but I made it. 

Evening Classes will start in September!!!

Time To Sign Up!

There is still time to sign up and send in your application for the July 18 classes.  Remember the future you hold is in your own hands. 
Thanks to all who have called, e-mailed and are starting our upcoming classes.

Free Day Here Saturday

On this Saturday June 11, 2011 between the hours of 10am-3pm. We will be offering free Chair Massages here at the school.  This is our Grand Opening date so come out and enjoy these free Massages.  Also there will be yard sale items, multi-drawings, free eyebrow waxing, Hand & Foot massages.  Maiden School of Massage, Ja-Jo's Hair Design & Nails, Fit Revolution, Maiden Therapy & Free In Him Ministries will be selling Hotdogs.  YARD SALE STARTS AT 7AM

Priceless - Funniest Visit Ever

Years ago, our daughter received an injury at cheerleading practice.  She was taken to the emergency room immediately.  While I sat there, Renee was talking to the Doctor about what could be the problem.  The Doctor had such an arrogants about him that it was terrible.  He kelp talking to us like we were so stupid about even the simplest things.  We both let him rattle on and on.  As you know most of the time at the emergency room you have your worst cloths on.  So he said, I think she tore this muscle, showing on the shoulder area.  Renee had had enough of his sarcasm.  She said,  this muscle attaches to that area.  She started calling out all the muscles and their attachments in the area.  The Doctors face was PRICELESS!!  his eyes bulged out, and his jaw hit the floor!! I had to get out of the room, laughing so hard.  You could tell he had forgotten most of this.  It was so funny...Believe it or not, he was very polite after that.  

Who Loves To Be In Pain

Today people have gone to the extreme in order to feel better.  Someone is always trying to come up with a new pill to relieve pain, stress and other illnesses.  I know nobody who wants to hurt.  According to NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork) today, 39 million American adults- more than one out of every six- get at least one massage each year.
Massage Therapy has been proven effective in:
Relieving back pain
Boosting immune system
Reducing anxiety
Lowering blood pressure
Treating migraines
Decreasing carpal tunnel symptoms
Easing post-operative pain
Alleviating side effects of cancer
If I have a choice, I will go Green & Clean (clean from all man made products)
If you have been thinking about a career change.  Now is the time for it, the field is still wide open for Massage Therapist, because people are finding out the benefits of massage.

Vacations That Pay

Through the years I've found out massage even pays while on vacation.  Living in the state of North Carolina has its advantages while being a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Many times we have been on vacation, staying in a rental cabin, and the owner would ask. What do you do for a living!  Renee would speak up and say: "I'm a Massage Therapist".  The person would say; "I need a massage so bad".  So next time we came; you guessed it!  A few hours of massage paid for the whole trip!!

You Have A Name Here!

I remember going to our local community college and signing up for classes.  They would ask me my name, I would sign some papers, and they began to give me info about starting times, and where I needed to go for each class.  The lady would tell me " Oh! by the way, here is your student number, don't forget it, because its the only way you can look up your test scores."
Here at Maiden School of Massage, you have a face, a name thats yours.  You are not called by a number, but you have an identity thats unique to be proud of. 

New Starting Dates, 0% Financing

Our new starting dates: JULY 18, 2011
We now offer In School Financing at 0% while in School.  

Its Never To Late To Learn

I know a lady that really loved her job.  She worked at a Law Firm for over 9 years, but inside she wanted to do more. It was something that she saw as a child to help change her mind about her job.  Her grandfather was in the hospital when she was around 12 years old, and a nurse came into the room to ask her grandfather, where are you hurting, he said, my back, and the nurse began to massage his back.  The nurse saw that the little girl was very interested in what she was doing, so she asked. Do you want to help?  The girl said yes, so the nurse showed her how to massage her grandfathers back.  Ever since that day she has always wanted to be a Massage Therapist.  
The lady left her job and enrolled at a Massage Therapy School.  It took her 6 months to finish and the rest is history.  Its never to late to learn the things you always wanted to do.  
I am so proud of her, because she is my wife.
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